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What's For Dinner? 30-Minute Spring Dinner Recipes

This is the 30-minute spring dinner recipes. Our weather has remained ‘spring wonderful'!

Is it spring in your neck of the woods yet? This week's menus are simply intended to bring some of the delights of being outside to the dinner table.

Aren’t you going to throw a party in the springtime? Broiled Tilipia and Fettuccine with Green Peas should be the ideal menu.

You can serve Cheddar Cheese Balls and Summer Sausage with Roasted Garlic Mustard as an appetizer, followed by Sliced Pears and Veg Tray with Spicy Tomato Salsa, Tortilla Chips Savory Herb Crackers, and Honey Roasted Almonds.

You'll notice that I mix and match many cooking methods to get dinner on the table quickly! (The items in parenthesis indicate some of my quick-preparation methods.) When you have extra time, you can always make your favorite from-scratch dishes.

I hope you have an amazing week!


Pork Tenderloin with Peanut Sauce (jarred peanut butter; reserve some pork for Wednesday).

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Salad with Jasmine Rice, Baby Squash, and Oriental Cabbage (bagged shredded cabbage, packaged ramen noodles)

Almond Blueberry Cookies (ready-to-bake sugar cookies, blueberry jam in a jar)


Vegetarian Baby Blue Salad (bagged salad greens, bottled vinaigrette)

Coconut Macaroons on Crusty Bread (shredded coconut, chocolate morsels)


Chicken Taco Ring Bake (crescent rolls, shredded cheese, canned tomatoes, and chicken).

Toppings of Salsa and Sour Cream with Shredded Lettuce (jarred salsa, packaged shredded lettuce)

Refried Beans (from a can)

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Salad with red onion and orange parts (canned Mandarin orange sections)

Heavenly Hash (frozen whipped topping, canned fruits)


Honey-Dijon Glazed Pork Medallions (pork tenderloin from Sunday)

Salsa with Tomatoes and White Beans (canned chopped tomatoes and cannellini beans)

Brussels Sprouts, Steamed

Apple Strudel (phyllo dough, canned apple pie filling, optional ice cream)


Corny Chicken (cornbread stuffing mix from a box)

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Steamed Zucchini Gingerbread with Whipped Cream (from a package)


Beef Stroganoff (canned sliced mushrooms, dry onion soup mix)

Pies with rice, broccoli, and caramel ice cream (bought tart shells, caramel ice cream topping)


Broiled Tilapia

Fettuccine with Green Peas (boxed pasta, frozen peas)

Tomatoes grilled (parmesan cheese grated)

Jubilee of Heavenly Cherries (bought angel food cake, canned cherry pie filling).

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A Word From GetMe Treated

I sincerely hope you have fun with your spring dinner recipes planning and preparation. If you have any questions, you’re free to ask in the comment section!


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