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What Are Alkaline Foods?

What are alkaline foods? One of the most important aspects of maintaining good health is good body chemistry. Eating too much acidic food can lead to a condition called ‘acidosis’.

Acidosis is a root cause of many diseases and is most common in people with arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, which affect joints.

When you eat food, you are actually ‘burning’ it, turning it into fuel, just like a combustion engine turning gasoline into fuel to power your car.

Our fuel supply is important for our health and overall body balance, but if we are having acidosis and eating too much acidic food, then our bodies are getting bad fuel, just like you wouldn’t put diesel fuel in your regular car, and neither would your body.

As your body burns food, it produces a byproduct called ‘ash’, which can have a variety of properties.

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The properties of this byproduct can range from harmless, acidic, or alkaline, depending on what minerals are present in your food.

Ash occurs when your body or blood or tissues have low levels of alkali.

We need to balance the acidity with the alkalinity in order to keep our bodies functioning properly. The normal balance is about 4 parts alkaline for every 1-part acid or 80 to 20.

When this balance is maintained, our bodies have an increased resistance to disease and healing, while when it is out of balance, we have an increased chance of getting sick.

Disease treatment should include foods that are rich in alkali to balance out the acidity, giving us the best chance of beating the disease.

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When we are healthy, our bodies have high alkaline reserves so that emergency needs can be easily met, just in case we consume too much acid.

However, our alkaline reserves can be depleted, and when the ratio drops below 3 to 1, our health is seriously compromised.

We can still function normally and maintain our health, but only if we have enough alkaline in our system as well as the right balance between alkaline foods and acidic foods.

What Are Alkaline Foods?

There are five essential alkaline foods that help balance our body’s pH and they are:

Alkaline Food 1: Broccoli - Broccoli is a vegetable that we all consume, but we often don’t think about the amazing properties that broccoli has that help with blood circulation and fuel burning.

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Alkaline Food 2: Spinach - When it comes to alkaline foods, spinach is one of the best choices in terms of calorie-to-nutrient ratio.

Alkaline Food 3: Avocado - I’m a big fan of this fruit, and you know it’s good for your cholesterol levels and heart health.

Alkaline Food 4: Sprouts - Sprouts not only lowers cholesterol and support heart health, but it also contains compounds that target cancer-causing cells.

Alkaline Food 5: Flaxseed Oil - This oil is high in minerals that help keep joints and bones healthy, and taking one tablet daily can reduce the risk of arthritis in a short amount of time.

Eating plenty of Alkaline foods every day will help you get your body’s pH levels back to normal so you can live your best life.

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FAQs Related To What Are Alkaline Foods

What foods contain high alkaline?

  • Cauliflower/ broccoli
  • Citrus fruits
  • Root vegetables
  • Nuts

How do you tell if your body is alkaline or acidic?

You can check your body’s pH levels with a urine test or a saliva test (available at most health food stores and online with a pH test strip).

Is Ginger an alkaline food?

Yes. Alkali is also found in soybeans, tofu, certain nuts and seeds, and in the majority of herbs and spices such as ginger and garlic.

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What are the symptoms if your body is too alkaline?

For example, general confusion, tremors, feeling faint, muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting, and numbness in the face, legs, or hands are some of the common signs of metabolic and respiratory alopecia.

What are signs that your body is too acidic?

  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Agitation, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Depression
  • Skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Acne and hives
  • Generalized pain and discomfort
  • Diarrhea and bloating

Are eggs alkaline?

Whole eggs are relatively alkaline, but egg whites are one of the few naturally alkaline food products. 

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Egg whites have an initial pH value of 7.6 at lay, but the alkalinity increases as the egg matures, reaching a pH value of 9.2.

Is yam acidic or alkaline?

Carbohydrates: Cassava, yams, cocoyams, plantains, bananas, corn in raw form, half processed and processed forms like garri, cassava flour, yam flour amala, and corn flour. They are acidic.

Is cucumber an alkaline food?

The enzymes also cleanse the gut by killing bacteria. Furthermore, cucumbers are an alkaline food and neutralize the acidity in the body by raising the pH value.


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