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What Is Spiritual Spouse Deliverance

What is spiritual spouse deliverance? Water spirits are evil. They don't care about the victims or how it affects them. They're very scary, intelligent, and destructive. Most of the time, they're very strong with a big physical size over the victims.

The Bible says that they contaminate the flesh. That means they contaminate the body, and brain, and cause sickness and terminal diseases in the victims.

Spirit marriage brings evil into people's lives through dreams. They contaminate the flesh contaminating the victim's life and making their life unsuitable for blessings.

After that, certain manifestations start to appear. Everything you do in life becomes useless because of attacks from sexual dreams or food.

Every time you expect something good to happen to you, breakthroughs come to you in the form of dreams. A simple act of having sex in your dream can wreak havoc on your life.

It can lead to poverty and leave you vulnerable to hatred and rejection. Most of the time, they don't let their victims get married, but once you do, there won't be a single moment of peace and joy in your marriage.

There will be constant quarrels and terrible marital instability that will eventually lead to your marriage breaking up. In some cases, if your marriage isn't broken, you may be barren or produce ungodly kids, kids that will continue to cause problems for you and your spouse.

What Does The Bible Say?

According to Isaiah 34:14, the wild animals of the desert will also encounter the jackals. The wild goat will cry out to its companion, and the night creature will rest there and find a place of her own.

Some Bible translations refer to this creature as "Lilith," while others use a footnote to refer to the night demon as Lilith.

In Genesis 6, it is mentioned that spiritual beings came to the earth and had sexual relations with human women. They had children, but the children were not real babies.

These demons still had sex with humans and this act still caused physical harm in people's lives.

The consequences of these encounters are almost always lasting throughout the day and can sometimes lead to the destruction of relationships, marriage, a person's peace of mind, or even their capacity to function.

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Sometimes these wet dreams and spiritual orgasms and torments become addictive and are often followed by feelings of guilt, judgment, and blame.

What to do?

In everything you do, moderation is the key. When you go too far or go too fast, you can create problems for yourself.

Small things that don't matter can open the door to all the issues you are facing right now. It's okay to dress nice and well, but every true Christian should be careful when it comes to clothing.

Just as a physical man may be attracted to a woman because of how she dresses or wears makeup, so too can a spiritual man or woman be attracted to you because of the way you live.

Some ghost husbands will love you just for a certain hairstyle, makeup, how you dress, etc. In some cases, you may not need to do much praying and fasting.

You just need to discover your new way of living that is replacing God's way of living. So, don't let anything take the place of what God is doing in your life because such things invite spiritual forces to enter your life.

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