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What You Will Love About OPI Nail Polish

Let’s take a vibrant look at what you will love about OPI nail polish!

Eight out of 10 women will list "OPI nail polish" as one of their top five favorite lacquers.

If you are one of the two women who are unfamiliar with the brand, let this article introduce you to OPI.

Aside from the brand's sense of style, faultless color forecasting, and intuition for women's taste, people adore OPI for the following reasons:

For the fanatic in you

OPI has a collection of polishes branded and sponsored by Katy Perry (the "Kary Perry Collection") and Serena Williams (the "Serena Williams Grand Slam") that have been enormously successful not just because of their names, but also because of the quality and color combinations.

You may wear OPI paints with confidence – top salons use them for manicures, and high-end merchants stock them for a reason - they're that amazing!

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Totally colorific

You'd have a difficult time choosing among the 200+ colors of OPI nail polish. Pink, metallic, neutral, and even shatter tones are well-represented in their diverse range. So, whatever your favorite color is, OPI is likely to have it.

The name tells it all.

This is one of OPI's distinguishing features because the brand creates this innovative collection and names the lacquer color to match.

For example, in the Femme de Cirque collection, there are songs like "So Many Clowns, So Little Time" and "I Juggle Men."

Even the names of their hues, such as "Dulce de Leche" and "Pink Flamenco," are adorable. You will have a great time selecting your color.

Not only are the titles of each polish consistent with the collection's concept, but so are the color choices.

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Anywhere and at any moment

Have you used up your favorite color? Do you really need to order a nail lacquer color for a fashion emergency? Do you have a particular occasion coming up that you want to look your best for?

Not to worry, you can order your OPI nail polish from anywhere in the world and at any time. Aside from the brand's website, you'll also find a variety of shops that cater to your order, such as prominent retailers like Ulta Cosmetics.

No matter what season

Want to match your nail color to the time of year? Not to worry, OPI has a range to suit your requirements.

There's a Texas collection for summer, a Swiss collection for winter, a Hong Kong collection for spring, and many more. Your nails will be extremely fantastic throughout the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Of course, the best and most significant aspect of OPI nail polish is its devotion to producing high-quality products that appeal to every woman's taste.

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Many women have only tried OPI nail polish in professional salons, not realizing that they can buy any color in the large selection for less than $10 and test several at home for the same price they pay at the salon for one manicure!

Give it a shot and discover why this is one of the most popular and well-regarded polishes.

FAQs Related To What You Will Love About OPI Nail Polish

Is OPI gel or varnish?

OPI GelColor is gel nail polish

What nail polish does Ariana Grande wear?


Is OPI 100% gel?

YES! 100% Gel Technology for high gloss shine

Why does my OPI nail polish peel off?

If you have too much moisture or oil on your nails, the polish will peel off sooner than it should.

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To avoid this, use alcohol pads or nail paint remover to clean your nails before applying the polish. You might also start by applying a base coat or buffing your nails.

Why is my OPI gel polish peeling off?

If the gel top coat is not fully dried or if it is applied over a color gel or acrylic nails that have been cleaned off with isopropyl alcohol, it will usually peel off.

Because each layer of gel is sticky and adheres to the next, removing the tacky layer will cause the next layer of polish to not attach and peel off.

Why do my OPI gel nails keep peeling off?

If the nail bed isn't properly treated, it might lead to early peeling of gel polish, just like your cuticles.

The crucial concern here is moisture; too much water causes your nails to stretch, and when you apply polish to such damp nails, they may crack or peel sooner than they should.

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What nail polish is classy?

Red Nails

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