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Can An Ovulation Test Come Negative Even While Ovulating?

Can an ovulation test come negative even while ovulating? Yes. But it can also mean the opposite. It can say “yes” or “no” and you might not be able to conceive.

It’s only meant to give you the most fertile window for pregnancy. That’s when there’s a 200-500% LH surge before ovulation.

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If you rely on this test, you might get a bit neurotic and make love another “job” for you and your husband.

Since the sperm can survive 4-7 days, making love twice a week covers all periods that you might be able to conceive, so you don’t need to measure.

According to faqsline, meeting with your partner twice a week is natural and doesn’t require any special intention or planning—even when you’re busy taking care of other children.

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Sometimes, the best way to get pregnant is to not try at all. Get rid of the cold "testing kit" … Renew the passion that made you fall in love in the first place and naturally.

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