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Can You Use Hand Sanitizing Wipes On Your Face?

Can you use hand sanitizing wipes on your face? I would not recommend using kitchen disinfecting wipes, such as Lysol/Clorox, or really anything that is meant for "disinfecting" your skin; there is just no reason to use a disinfectant on your skin it is simply overkill.

Washing with warm water and soap will thoroughly wipe away any germs, and that is all that is required.

Using a disinfectant wipe could be risky because they contain highly harsh chemicals and are not intended for use alone on the skin (you can acquire the chemicals on your hands for a limited amount of time, but you should still wash the disinfectant off).

Not to mention the possibility of getting what amounts to bleach in your eyes, ears, nose, and throat.

However, you risk seriously harming your skin through chemical burns. Something that has to be strong enough to kill bacteria (living things) or viruses (not living but incredibly difficult to damage) will undoubtedly be strong enough to kill a human, or at least damage or kill their skin cells.

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Get some isopropyl "rubbing" alcohol and some cotton pads, or even just the alcohol wipes in a packet, if you want a nice strong cleaning that also "disinfects."

I've used alcohol wipes on my face because alcohol acts as an astringent and also cuts through grease/oil fairly well, not skin oils, however, it will clean them.

When I was doing manual labor, either around hydraulic oil or asphalt, both would leave oily dirt on my skin, which alcohol easily removes.

Using 80% isopropyl alcohol (I believe that's what I used; you don't want 100% because it evaporates too quickly) and cotton balls is the best way to clean your face.

I wouldn't use it constantly throughout the day, but rather once right after work or before a shower, but if you don't have like car oil on your face, simple warm water after and regular soap will work just as well, and yes, that still gets rid of all the viruses and bacteria just as well, because washing your hands with warm water and soap wouldn't protect anyone from coronavirus, right?

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FAQs Related To Can You Use Hand Sanitizing Wipes On Your Face

How long do hand sanitizer wipes last?

Disposable wipes don't typically expire.

Can you use Dettol surface wipes on the skin?

Safe on skin

Can sanitizing wipes be used on hands?

Although sanitizing and disinfecting wipes are safe to touch while cleaning, they should never be used to clean hands or other body parts.

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Many different types of wet wipes are high-quality and suitable for use on the face.

Should you wash your hands after using disinfectant wipes?

After using kitchen disinfectant wipes, always wash your hands.

Are sanitizing wipes safe?

When used correctly, they are relatively safe.

What are sanitizer wipes used for?

Sanitizing wipes makes it simple and easy to disinfect these bacteria hotspots on a regular basis.

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Sanitizing wipes are an excellent choice for usage in bathrooms since they limit the chance of cross-contamination and are a more effective alternative to typical spray and wipe cleaning.

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