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How Painful Is Childbirth?

What does childbirth feel like? Most women said that the most common description of the level of childbirth pain was extreme menstrual cramps ( given it 45 percent like menstrual cramps), followed by bad back pain (given it 16 percent like back pain ) and a broken bone ( given it 15 percent like a broken bone).

Below Are The Stages Of Childbirth:

How painful is childbirth: The Beginning

Early labor is so subtle that you may not even realize it's happening! You've probably had Braxton Hicks for weeks at this point, so you just ignore the constant squeezing. It's as if your stomach is doing crunches without you participating.

How painful is childbirth: The Middle

The contractions are becoming painful. It's like getting punched in the gut while someone tries to pull your hips in opposite directions.

However, this pain only occurs during contractions, so there is some relief in between. They even hook you up to a monitor these days so you can watch the contraction peak and subside (very helpful for knowing when one is almost over).

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You can soak in a tub for most of this, which helped a lot with the pain. Throughout most of this time, you will be able to sit and talk with the nurses, and your husband. Breathing and moaning also help a lot with riding the contraction wave.

How painful is childbirth: Almost the End

You can't talk at this point because all you care about is getting through the pain. As the contractions become closer and more intense, you may begin to shake and sweat profusely.

You will also become extremely thirsty! Then you'll have this uncontrollable urge to push. It's the strangest feeling, but you can't stop yourself any longer. Even if you don't, your body knows what to do.

How painful is childbirth: The End

You begin to push! It's exactly like taking a big poo. In fact, you will most likely poop! But that's fine; you don't care at this point; you just want that baby out.

This part didn't actually hurt me (my midwife helped me find a good pushing position), but it was extremely exhausting.

You'll be sweating and shaking, and your abs will be begging you to stop. It will also feel like your bumhole is about to turn inside out!

When the baby begins to move through the birth canal, extreme pressure is applied to the hips.

The ring of fire begins when it begins to push out of the vagina. It truly appears that your vulva is on fire!

This was more painful for me than the contractions, but you know it's almost over and you're so pumped up on adrenaline that you give it your all.

Everything else just sort of slides out once the head is out!

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How painful is childbirth: Baby

The pain abruptly stops. It may not actually stop, but your body is flooded with hormones, particularly oxytocin, which feels incredible.

Suddenly, there is this person who was not previously present, laying on your chest.

Everything else is hazy, but that little face is sharp. You'll get the shakes and chills because you worked hard and your body is quickly reverting to how it was before you were pregnant.

If your baby can nurse right away (mine just crawled up there and had at it! It's incredible how babies can do that) you will have contractions, but they will be less intense.

Nursing causes the uterus to contract and return to its normal size. These feel similar to bad period cramps, and they get less frequent as the weeks pass.

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How painful is childbirth: Postpartum

You'll be high for a few days. It's so exciting! So much affection! You will find it difficult to sleep because you can't stop staring ... If you nurse, you will still experience contractions as well as oxytocin flowing through your veins.

You could actually feel this happening; there was a strange tickle at the top of your brain, and you can suddenly feel really good and happy as if you have taken a nice big pain pill.

Your genitals will swell like hotdogs. There is a lot of bleeding, but it seems to settle down to a normal period after a few days. You will feel achy and sore as if you were in a bad car accident.

Your breasts will engorge and hurt, but this will pass quickly. If you tore, your stitches will tug once the swelling subsides, which is extremely painful. You will cry a lot, sometimes for no apparent reason, but mostly because you are overwhelmed with emotions and exhausted.

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All of these symptoms should go away in 4-6 weeks. It takes about three months to feel like yourself again.

In the end, the memories of the pain will fade, leaving only rose-tinted memories. Even after only 4 months, you will be in pain, but you will remember how much fun you had with your husband and the delivery team. During that time, you talked and laughed, and everyone saw you na--ked, sweating, moaning, and pooping. Nature, I believe, makes us (women) forget in order for us to continue reproducing.

FAQs Related To How Painful Is Childbirth

Is giving birth the most painful thing?

While both have elements of pain, some may last longer than others depending on the type of surgery, the location of the incision or surgery, and the individual's health. Unsurprisingly, recovering from surgery can be more painful than childbirth.

How painful is pushing a baby out?

However, one in every five women disagreed, claiming that pushing and post-delivery were the most painful. According to the survey, the majority of participants compared the worst pain to "extreme menstrual cramps," "bad back pain," and "a broken bone."

What does childbirth feel like?

Some people describe the sensation as being similar to intense period cramps, while others describe it as a tightening or pounding sensation in your uterus or across your belly, while still others describe the sensation as being similar to very intense muscle cramps.

Why is delivering a baby so painful?

Contraction of the uterine muscles and pressure on the cervix cause pain during labor. This pain manifests as severe cramping in the abdomen, groin, and back, as well as an aching sensation. Some women also experience pain in their sides or thighs.

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What part of birth hurts the most?

While slightly more than half of those polled said having contractions was the most painful part of giving birth, about one-fifth said pushing or post-delivery was the most painful. Post-delivery pain was more painful for mothers aged 18 to 39 than for those aged 40 and older.

How can I give birth without pain?

Massage, water therapy, and breathing exercises are all common ways to deal with pain. Relaxation can be aided by music and soothing scents (aromatherapy). Taking short walks and changing positions during labor can help reduce pain.

Is pushing a baby out like pooping?

Truth: Because the muscles used for both are identical, pushing a baby out feels similar to having a bowel movement. And, of course, as you press down, anything in your path will be eased out — hence the pooping during labor.

What pushing a baby out feels like?

At this stage, most women will experience increased pressure in their perineum, rectum, and low back. Rectal pressure feels similar to having a bowel movement for many women. You may feel a stretching or burning sensation as the baby's head emerges.

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